Masterplan, Haarlem Central Station

Haarlem Central Station

Elevators and refurbishment

ClientDutch Railways
Main ArchitectHolland Railconsult
Project Architectir. Hans P. Bilsen
ContractorZNS Staalbouw, Mulder Obdam
Building Cost€1.4 mio
Size250 m3
PhotographyFrank van Dam


Haarlem Central station has originally been designed in 1906 by architect Margadant. It is characterized by a beautiful and well elaborated Art-Nouveau style. A sensitive approach was required to design something in this monumental building. We took the challenge to design something of this time, but without creating a dissonant.

In context with the surroundings we positioned the elevator shafts on the strict gridlines of the masterplan, adjusted the height under the canopy and applied the locally used colors.
In contrast with the interior we designed a very transparant and pending structure of steel and glas. This design is very minimalistic and pure, all elements are reduced to the max.

The steel construction resembles that of a Chinese Lantern. Steel horizontal frames carry the glass panelling. These frames hang on cables spanning down from a central portal.

Lights on the lift cabin complement the design and it’s motion make the whole lift shaft moving visually.