Hans P. Bilsen

senior architect


Senior architect for public and spatial projects where architecture, urban design and infrastructure blend. Specialist architectural design of railway stations, metro, park & ride facilities and bridges. Clients include the Dutch Railways, Qatar Rail, Department of Public Works, town councils and several large building contractors.

Collaborates with large engineering companies on projects. Strong at analytical skills and creative concepts, Hans is eager to solve problems and brings clarity to projects. Believes in the benefit of working in multidisciplinary teams. An ongoing dialogue with stakeholders serves as the basis for the design process and development.

With a broad view on the profession, Hans also teaches architecture and design at university level, and serves as innovation manager in process and products in the building industry.


1996 - Present
Architect, Consultant and Manager at Bilsen Architecture
2011 - 2013
Innovation Manager at Syntens
2008 - 2010
Architect and Manager at Archivolt Architecten
2006 - 2008
Teacher and Coach at Technical University Eindhoven


Transportation Architecture Railway and Metro90%
Innovation Consultancy70%