Transferium Westraven, Utrecht

P+R Facility, Utrecht

Transferium Westraven

ClientUtrecht Municipality, Ministry of Roads, Provence of Utrecht
Main ArchitectBilsen Architecture
Project Architectir. Hans P. Bilsen
ContractorHegeman Nijverdal
Building Cost€3.9 mio (ex. tax)
Sizefase A, 600 cars, fase B 1200 cars
PhotographyFrank van Dam


Traffic hub expressed



What can we do to persuade people to leave their car at the edge of the city and continu their journey with high-speed tram to the historic centre?

For this we designed a most convenient and fluid transfer point. An integrated traffic node for a fast, comfortable and seamless transfer.


Coming from the highway there is a direct entrance into the Transferium and the parking area. A landmark tower guides the people towards the stairs and down into the Tram station. This tower also carries a huge billboard to attract the attention of other car drivers. The tower is also placed on a pivotal point on site.

Inside the station building there is a waiting area, ticket point, shops and Urban Info point.

The Utrecht Transferium is constructed in two phases, shown here is the first phase with 600 cars.