Money Museum, Utrecht


Money Museum

ClientFoundation SGBM
Main ArchitectBilsen Architecture
Project Architectir. Hans P. Bilsen
Building Cost€1 mio
Size6000 m3




The  MoneyMuseum is located in the Munt Building in Utrecht. This is the place where money and coins are printed. Next to a working factory part, this museum serves to inform the people of money and its use through the ages, as means of trade and existence.In this project we reshaped various public spaces and enhanced the retail facilities.

We had to carefully address the existing building and apply an existing branding formula. All adaptations were done with the museum still open to the public.

We refurbished various exhibition spaces and enlarged and repositioned the museum shop. Next we designed various fire safety solutions and entrance enhancements. We also redesigned the lounge and restaurant area. Finally we developed a new display method for the coins.

Due to the improved facilities the museum could boost its revenue considerably.